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"Get Bit Baits Pro-Staff"

The Get Bit pro-Staff Teem consists of
Pro or Simi Pro and federation Bass Fisherman that use and promote Get Bit Baits Products.

Pro-Staff Members

Chad Whiting


My Bio -

I've been fishing tournaments since 1998, mostly in the Midwest but have been fortunate enough to have fished many of the Southern states as well. I love flipping heavy cover and I get more bites using Get Bit lures over other products I have tried. Currently I am the master plumbing specialist at the Forest Lake Home Depot. I have a beautiful wife and 2 amazing kids that love to spend time outdoors with me. I would like to start fishing some of the BASS open tournaments and make the jump to the next level in the sport. Please feel free to contact me at www.chadwhiting.com with any questions about Get Bit Baits.


Gregg Kizewski


My Bio -

Gregg lives in northwest Wisconsin and considers the Chetek Chain his home water. His 2006 schedule consists of Fishers of Men West, Great Lakes Division BFL, Federation tournaments, and 6 open tournaments. He fishes 4 to 5 days a week from April through September, spending many hours on the lakes of northwest Wisconsin, as well as Pools 4 and 5 of the Mississippi River. His passions are deep water structure fishing and swim jig patterns. I am 45 years old and live in Dallas, WI, a small town in the Rice Lake area. I have been married to my best friend Joni for what will be 24 years on May 1st 2006. In 1982 when we we married, the first thing we did was move to Onalaska Wisconsin to get closer to the Mississippi river. There I worked as an auto technician for a dealership and had a guide service. We have 2 children, a 19 year old daughter (Holly) and a 17 year son (Jordan). I teach hunter safety in Barron, WI and I am a former school board member in the Barron School District. My occupation for the past 13 years is an Operations Coordinator (Call Center Manager) for GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services in Eden Prairie, MN. My father first started taking me fishing at age 2 and I am very thankful for that. In 1985 I started fishing bass tournaments in the La Crosse, WI area, and was soon cashing good checks every tournament. Between 1987 and 1991, I finished 43 out of 51 tournaments with no less then a 5th place finish. In 1992 I took the job I currently have and moved the family to northwest Wisconsin - it was time for me to take a break from competitive fishing every weekend and spend time with my kids while they were young.   In 2004 I started fishing competitively once again, however at the Federation level. I am known for my consistency and integrity. Although in 14 club tournaments I never finished higher than 3rd, I never finished worse than 6th. Could I have finished better? Yes. In the club format I deem it imperative to share knowledge with the person in the back of the boat and I will not sacrifice my own morals to look good on paper. I can cite instances where I taught partners to tie a Palomar knot, fish a Senko, a swim jig, drop shotting and the list goes on. When I re-entered the tournament scene in 2004, my goal was to hit several money tournaments in 2006 and get back to my old form by 2007. My schedule for this season is the Fishers of Men series (WI West), the BFL (Great Lakes Division) and 4 local open tournaments. One priceless experience I had in 2005 was being an observer in the Elite 50 on Lake Wissota. With all the big names there it was interesting to me that these guys too, share rooms and expenses - flair is just that. I was paired with Kevin VanDam on day 1 and Larry Nixon on day 2 and I learned that I am not too far off track from a talent standpoint - I think the upper Midwest is stacked with good fishermen! Please feel free to contact me at www.superkfishing.com with any questions about Get Bit Baits.
Check out My Super-K Swim Jigs


Josh Miller


My Bio -

I’m 31 years old, I have a wife Jennifer; and 4 kids (Luke, Tyler, Alyssa, and Grace). I have been fishing competitively since I was 16. In the last 5-7 years I figured out that success revolves around the details. Sharp hooks good line, rods, reels and quality lures. (Get Bit Baits) Products are high quality and come in colors that fit my style of fishing. Please feel free to contact me at jomiller@trane.com with any questions about Get Bit Baits.


University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Big Dawg Fishing team



The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Big Dawg Fishing team has been around since the fall of 2007.  It was started by just a few avid fishermen and now has been ranked by FLW Outdoors to number 7 in the country.  The team currently booming and has grown to 35 members over the last two years.  The team fishes tournaments all over the state of Wisconsin against other universities such as UW-Stout, UW-River Falls, UW-Whitewater, UW-Plateville, and UW-Madison.  The team also fishes on the FLW college fishing circuit, making one top ten, and qualified for the regional championship this year although we fell short.  You can look up videos and photos of the team at www.collegefishing.com. The team also fishes the Boat U.S collegiate championship circuit and won the first event of the year on Lake Sam Rayburn down in Broaddus, TX.  You can check us out on their website at http://www.collegiatebasschampionship.com.  The team focuses on fund raising and outings during the off season, but will get back into the swing of fishing in March.  To check out more about the team please visit http://www.uwsp.edu/stuorg/bigdawgfishing.  Thanks you for all of your support.

UWSP Big Dawg Fishing Team.


Austin Howard


My Bio -

I am currently working towards my degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management at Vermilion Community College in Ely, Minnesota. I am originally from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where I consider my home waters to be the Chippewa River system consisting of the Old Abe Lake, Chippewa Flowage, and Lake Wissota. I have been fishing competitively in bass tournaments since I was 15 years old. It was when I was 16 that I joined the Wisconsin Bass Federation Nation (WBFN). Since 2004 I have been qualifying for WBFN State tournament every year and fishing multiple Midwest circuits including Bassmaster Weekend Series, Gander Mountain Series, Wisconsin Team Circuit along with numerous of local open tournaments. In recent years I have set a goal to qualify into the Bassmasters Elite series of the WBFN State tournament, in these I have had several chances of making the top 11, but have come up just short. Besides being on the open water and fishing leisurely or competitively in tournaments, I do also host a fishing guide service. In the winter you will almost certainly find me ice fishing. In general I love being outdoors with hunting being another passion of mine. When I am not fishing you will find me building custom fishing rods in my spare time. My ultimate goal is to one day become a professional bass fisherman. If you or someone you know is looking for a custom rod or a trustworthy adventurous fishing guide contact me at: foreverphishing@gmail.com


Travis Manson

My Bio -

 I was born and raised in Northeastern Wisconsin. I have been actively involved in fishing all of my life; from walleye tournament fishing in Wisconsin and trout and salmon fishing on the Great Lakes, to bass tournament fishing throughout the country. During 1996-2006 I primarily fished walleye tournaments. In 2006 I was introduced to the Bassmaster Elite Series as a Co-Angler, through Mercury Marine, at which time I ultimately decided to switch from walleye to bass fishing. My future tournament plans for 2010 are to continue fishing local bass tournaments in Wisconsin, along with competing in the Bassmaster Opens Northern Tour and a few FLW American Fishing Series events. When I have a tournament and the specific technique calls for either a tube or a grub I am going to be using the Get Bit Baits tube baits or the Get Bit Baits Hypertail Grubs. The tube baits have the best colors and sizes that are just right for any condition I come across. The Hypertail Grub used as a trailer or fished solo is the best grub I have ever used before. If you want to put more fish in the boat you need to get your hands on some of these grubs! If you have any questions or want to learn more about different techniques to apply these lures feel free to contact me at www.travismanson.com or email me at tspeedm@yahoo.com

 Carl Scharenbroch

I was born and raised in Green Bay Wisconsin, but for the last 15 years I have lived in Saukville, just 20 minutes north of Milwaukee. Bass fishing has been my passion in life for the last 35 years, and love the competition of tournament bass fishing. I have been fortunate enough to fish bass all over the United States, and have fished with some great anglers. I look forward to getting on the water as often as I can, and usually spend 70 to 100 days a year in the boat. Get Bit Baits play a big roll in my fishing and I rely on their tubes for many of the bass I put in the boat, and when tournament fishing I know I can count on Get Bit Baits to put a couple extra fish in the well. When I am not fishing I am running CS Construction, a company that builds, remodels, roofs, and specializes in sheet metal and copper. Family, friends, and the outdoors are the things that make me happy. Feel free to keep up with me and this years tournament season at www.strictlybassin.com

 Troy Stoeger

 I'm 33 years old, live in Neenah and married my best friend in December. I've been guiding river smallmouth since 2001, mostly in the Fox River Valley but all across Wisconsin as well. I have been fishing as long as I can remember with bass almost exclusively for the last 18 years or so. Over that time I have learned a lot about the things that really matter to make a bass bite. Details are paramount and that's where Get Bit Baits come into play. Some of the best quality baits out there bar none and in all the right colors! If you have any questions on these great baits or would like to schedule a trip, please shoot me an email at troutbum2@gmail.com

David Bruchey

 I have been a smallmouth fishing guide for five years however fishing has always been part of my life. When I am not fishing you will find me in Maryland spending time with my amazing wife, Leah and our two daughters, Faith and Gracie. I was born and raised in Maryland and have fished the Potomac River since I was young. I now spend most of my time fishing the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. The Susquehanna River provides some of the best smallmouth fishing! I also have been fishing in local benefit tournaments for over 10 years. I spend time down south in Alabama fishing the Tennessee River as well as take yearly trips north to Thousand Islands, New York. If you would like to experience the intensity of a smallie on your line please visit my website: www.goin4smallies.com or email me at davidbruchey@aol.com . Since I have started fishing with Get Bit Baits it is putting more smallies in the boat for me and my clients. Get Bit Baits has a great variety of colors to choose from. My favorite is the new crawling tube bait!




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